Student develop 6 application for W8 store(ms offer 100$each app) , for buy a Blackberry z10 .. obliviously

This incredible news is not fake.

A similar offer was avaiable at blackberry during the Port-a-thon event , where i develop a lot of application and i was paid for the most of them.

The money  that i gain  thanks to that event was so usefull for my university taxex for me and my brother so blackberry literally offered me a “piece of my future”.

Now the same offer was relased from microsoft for windows 8 in “stealt way” cause no publicity or promotion was made for this event. [ Why ? ]  During this time in my university some msndablabla guy offer me a w8 tablet for 7 applications to give to him. [....weird]

what is going on? are someone scared about pay developers?

Blackberry was not scared and i was so pleased to crete app for them.


this is my own thought


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